" It is about building tools to help Learners and Teachers "

We are a small group of High School Graduates from

Gandaki Boarding School and InfoTech Gandaki

working on solving the Past Papers classification


Currently we only support Cambridge International

Examinations but we are planning to include other

Exam Boards in the future.

This project started as a joke in our class

when our Computer Science Teacher had

asked us to work on real-world problems but

later during the COVID-19 pandemic, we

realized that it can be of great help to a lot of

teachers and students.

Initially we built a parsing library that could

read Exam Papers and split them into

question sets. We had been distributing

them manually to teachers in our school but

now we have shifted all of them to an online

catalog where anyone can access and use it


Initially, we started working on a python Library that could split

Exam Papers into their specific questions. It took us about four

months and three iterations to get to a stable and functional


While this did allow us to manually categorize questions and

send them to teachers, our team started to look for a more

efficient solution.

This is where we started to meddle with

Artificial Intelligence for question

categorization. Having imagined the amount

of data available on the Internet, we wrote a

machine learning algorithm and trained it. It

performed the tedious classification work


The team then built this website to store all the

questions chapter-wisely for every subject — making

it accessible for anyone around the world. While our

AI predictions are not the most accurate, we believe

the users’ corrections will help optimize our

algorithms for more accuracy in the future.